After the medal in the World Boxing Championship, Veliaj hands over the Clock Tower to Alban Beqiri

After the medal in the World Boxing Championship, Veliaj hands over the Clock

Tirana Club Sport Club boxer Alban Beqiri wrote history in Belgrade securing his first historic medal at the World Boxing Championship. He was received today by the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, for whom he said that with the last triumph he has made all Albanians proud and has inspired the youngest athletes. Symbolically, he donated the Tirana Clock Tower to the Albanian champion.

"I am very proud of the boys from Tirana, Albani and friends who not only brought medals from the Balkans to Croatia, but above all brought third World medals for 71 kg from the World Championship in Belgrade. I am very proud of you, of the team, of the whole club that is shining in all sports and I say as if it had been worked every year like these last two or three years, who knows where we would be but there is no need to keep our heads back . Now we have to look ahead. The fact that the world medals have started to come to Tirana from the club fills me with courage that these boys and girls will see in these medals not the piece of metal, but the appreciation of the effort of someone who chose discipline, training, dedication ", said Veliaj.

The Mayor expressed his conviction that the opening of over 70 sports gyms will help in the massification of sports. "I hope that beyond the medal, the real medal will be that of inspiration and gratitude from a whole generation that when it sees our elite athletes, it starts to join the community classes, to join a gym. Now that we have opened over 70 gyms that have been made available to sports in the community, maybe not all will come like Albani with world medals, but it is certain that everyone will become better citizens. It is an achievement for all of us and if it will inspire the young people of this city, then it has fulfilled the mission ", stressed Veliaj.

Boxer Alban Beqiri thanked the mayor Veliaj for the hospitality and the continuous support that the Municipality has given to the sport in recent years. "I hope that in the coming days and in the coming times we will be able to bring as many medals as possible. We wish that the generation that will come back in this sport and in many other sports to achieve such successes and to have a strong support to be able to raise the Albanian flag in many other major competitions ", said our boxing champion.

Alban Beqiri is the champion of many international tournaments and twice participant in the European Olympic Games.