From students to 1000 soft loans, Veliaj presents the main points of the 2023 budget for Tirana

From students to 1000 soft loans, Veliaj presents the main points of the 2023

In addition to discussions with young people and businesses, the head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has also started a round of unit-by-unit consultations for the presentation of next year's draft budget. In the meeting with the residents of Unit 1, Veliaj showed the main points on which the investments and services for this area will be focused.

The mayor said that this budget is the solidarity budget, which will help the categories most affected by the price increase crisis due to the war in Ukraine. "When I talk about solidarity, I refer to some of the expenses that we will spend to help families in need in this crisis situation. One of the expenses that has entered into force is that for students, where the subscription will be free. So every student has the opportunity to travel on all bus lines at zero cost," he said, adding that the municipality will also cover half of the cost of dormitories for them.

Veliaj also had a piece of advice for the opposition candidates for the Municipality of Tirana: "I will really run a positive campaign, as I have always done, without dealing with my opponents at all, but I only have one piece of advice for all those who are competing about the next local elections: It is a great sin, it is even a great shame, that in 2022, the platform of all those I have heard so far, who want to defeat us, is: "I am not new to Tirana!" What language is this in 2022? It is discussed in 2022, not "jabanxhiu", not "dormitory"! Is this the language of 2022?”

The mayor added that the municipality will help anyone who comes to this city and starts from scratch. "Our Tirana will help everyone, even those who have just landed in Tirana. If Tirana gave the opportunity to become Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha, it will give the opportunity to every girl who comes here, who will work here, who will study here and go even higher and do things many times. bigger and better than all of us put together,” he said.

Continuing with the investments in the capital, Veliaj underlined that starting from this month, the transformation of every unit of Tirana begins. "The decision taken by the Municipality of Tirana, at the last meeting of the Municipal Council, is that we will take all the unspent funds from the crisis for the rehabilitation, urbanization, asphalting, lighting and paving of every street of every unit of Tirana. We have opened the competition and on November 13, the winning company will go to each unit to make sure that in every place where we have not yet put our hands - asphalt, lighting, signage - we will do it within this year, with this new budget and with this competition that the Municipality of Tirana has carried out," underlined Veliaj.

Ai tha gjithashtu se bashkia do të ndihmojë edhe të gjitha familjet e reja me programin e kredive të buta. “Ne duam që edhe vitin tjetër, të kalojmë një paketë me rreth 1 mijë kredi të buta për të gjitha çiftet e reja që duan një ndihmë nga Bashkia e Tiranës për të ecur më tej,” u shpreh ai.

As for the main investments planned for the next year, Veliaj singled out that for the new water pipeline in Tirana. "One of the investments we want to make this year is to get another water source. Tirana has grown, it cannot continue indefinitely with only Bovilla and Selita. We want to start the works to get water from Guri i Bardhë, which is the highland that separates Tirana from the area of ??Klos and Bulqiza. This will be one of our main decisions to supply Tirana with water and 5 other warehouses at the neighborhood level, to increase the pressure in all neighborhoods where we need an additional pressure to bring water to the top floors of the buildings ," explained Veliaj.