In 2024, Tirana will take the Presidency of the Balkan Cities 

In 2024, Tirana will take the Presidency of the Balkan Cities

Next year, Tirana will take the Presidency of the Network of Balkan Cities, otherwise known as B40.

It was the mayor Erion Veliaj who gave the news today from Athens.

The B40 Network Summit is being held there with the participation of 70 mayors from 10 Balkan countries.

The B40 network is an initiative founded in Istanbul, which aims to increase regional cooperation between cities, as well as working together, especially on climate issues, democracy, peace and stability.

Mayor Veliaj described taking over the Presidency as a great opportunity for Tirana.

"It is a great pleasure that today, from Athens, Tirana takes the Presidency of the largest Network of Balkan cities, B-40 for 2024. After 2022, where we were the "European Youth Capital", this year we are the "European City of Sport 2023", while next year we will have the Presidency of the largest Network of Balkan Cities. The B-40 network started last year in Istanbul, it was founded there, from the 40 largest cities of the Balkans. They are cities with over 50 thousand inhabitants. This year, the network has gone to 70 cities. The presidency this year is here in Athens and I am very happy that the news that Tirana will be the new home of the largest Network of Balkan Cities for 2024 was given today," said Veliaj.

"I am looking forward to this incredible opportunity! Like every year, when we have had an important European title and we have turned it into an increased opportunity for Tirana, in more tourism, in more economic activity, in more reputation for our city. Even the year 2024, when Tirana will be the President of B-40, will offer such an opportunity. I look forward to the fact that by the end of the year we will go to about 100 municipalities, as part of this network, and show them the Albanian hospitality, show them how our city is not perfect, but there are many extraordinary developments in recent years . It has grown both in population and economy, as well as in reputation. The presidency of B-40 for the year 2024, I believe, will be the most beautiful postcard of Albania coming from Tirana", concluded Veliaj.