Constructions in Tirana, Veliaj: Most of the permits are public works, such as the new schools and the buildings we are building in the neighborhoods where we will house the families affected by the earthquake.

Constructions in Tirana, Veliaj: Most of the permits are public works, such as

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has responded from the inauguration of the new school "Luan Hajdaraga" to those who talk about the constructions in Tirana, underlining that most of them are public works such as schools or buildings to shelter those affected by the earthquake.

He mentioned the construction of 40 new schools, the reconstructed neighborhoods in Kombinat and "5 Maji", which he said are some of the construction sites where the most has been invested.

"I want to thank all residents for their patience. I know that the concrete mixers go in and out of Fresku, go in and out of Teleferik, they are a big stress for them. I also understand those who try to gain a little politically and say 'we were drowned by this, we were drowned by that'. I want to remind you that most of the construction permits and most of the work that takes place in Tirana are not the work of the private sector, but the work of the municipality. The "Sami Frashëri" school blocked the "Barricade Road" for 3 years, but it was our construction, it was the municipality's concrete mixers, because we wanted the children to have a super school there. The same has happened to many of these communities, especially the constructions in the "5Maji" neighborhood and in Kombinat. Most of the vehicles that move, and rightly stress us a little, are ours, they are municipal construction sites, permission for the buildings that the municipality is building to house the families of the earthquake, because we cannot waste more time with the pace of those who did not build any schools in 4 years, while we can say that in 4 years we built 40 schools. It is a very - very big difference", said Veliaj.