The grand prize of 5,000 euros, today is the deadline to register for the Tirana Marathon. Winning prizes for each category

The grand prize of 5,000 euros, today is the deadline to register for the Tirana

The Tirana Marathon, which will take place this Sunday, will be not only a sports challenge, but also a very good financial opportunity for the competitors who will manage to climb the podium.

For those who will succeed, the prices start from 300 euros up to 5000 euros, while they will have the opportunity to be part of an already licensed and internationally recognized competition. Registrations close today at 24:00.

For those who have not yet registered, the link where they can register to be part of the marathon is: https://ticket.easypay.al/marathon/Tirana . For students with a Student Card and seniors over 62 and males over 65, registration is free.

Foreign nationals who want to be part of the race on October 17 must register at the link: https://ticket.easypay.al/marathon/Tirana?pm=bb184çe874b7b786 .

Also, the registration can be done by physically appearing near the point set up in "Skënderbej" square or in the Artificial Lake Park.

Mayor Erion Veliaj has asked for the understanding of other citizens, because Sunday, October 17 will be another day without cars in the capital. He called on citizens not to use vehicles on Sunday, leaving roads open.

The Tirana Marathon 2021 that will be held on Sunday is conceived not only as a race, but also as a celebration for the city.

It will have 4 categories; Marathon (42,195) Half Marathon (21, 0975 km), Tirana 10K and "We too". This is a category that aims to be more motivating than competitive. There will also be a "Fun Run" competition which will take place one day before the big competition on October 16, 2021 with the young people of Tirana High Schools.

If you are interested in the price for the first three places in each category, we are showing you the following:

Marathon 42 K category:

Third place: 2000 Euro

Second place: 3000 Euros

First place: 5000 Euros

Kategoria Half Marathon 21 K:

Third place: 1000 Euros

Second place: 1500 Euro

First place: 2000 Euro

Category Tirana 10 K:

Third place: 500 Euros

Second place: 600 Euros

First place: 800 Euro

Kategoria “We too”:

Third place: 300 Euros

Second place: 400 Euros

First place: 500 Euros.