These are the 10 new schools that will be opened in Tirana, Veliaj: “We will open 10 more in the second semester

These are the 10 new schools that will be opened in Tirana, Veliaj: “We

On the eve of the start of the new school year, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj held a meeting with school administrators where he gave some good news. Veliaj said that only this year 10 new schools have been opened, while underlining that another 10 will be opened in the second semester.

"We have some good news this year. It will be a year that will enter the 101-year history of Tirana, as the year where more new schools have been opened. We are always accustomed every year, September has been a holiday month opened 1 or maximum 2 new schools.

But this time 10 new schools are opened, and in the second semester another 10 will be opened. Then we will say goodbye to the lesson with two shifts in Tirana ", explained Veliaj.

The Mayor informed what are the 10 new schools that are opened to welcome students this new school year: “The new schools that we will open in Tirana are; 9-year school in Mangull "Feti Fanaj"; 9-year school "Murat Toptani", a fantastic school that has tripled, 9-year school "Hasan Vogli" which is in Unit 9, 9-year school in Peza Helmës that will be called "Agron Hysenlliu" in honor of the director of The Construction Institute that lost its life to Covid who was the author, co-author and creator of all this energy for new construction after the earthquake.

The other school in Peza e Vogël, the other school "Qazim Turdiu" also in Unit 9, 2 times bigger than it was to eliminate teaching with two shifts. The construction of the school "Lasgush Poradeci" in Kombinat is continuing, the 9-year school that is together with a gymnasium "Vaçe Zela" and "Kristo Frashëri" in Don Bosko. We also have two preschools, one in the village of Fikas and the other is in the "Sani Hill" Block, what we inaugurated with Dua Lipa now with the furniture and ready to receive the children ".