A few more days from the Tirana Marathon / By Aurela Gaçe and Soni Malaj, to Land Hysi and Klodiana Shala, artists and athletes call for participation

A few more days from the Tirana Marathon / By Aurela Gaçe and Soni Malaj,

This Sunday will take place the Tirana Marathon, the biggest sporting event of the year, with its 5th edition. This activity, which has already become a tradition, is organized with the approval of three itineraries approved by the World Athletics Federation. In the show 'Sunbeam' on Report Tv, the three singers, Landi Hysi, Soni Malaj, Aurela Gaçe and the athlete Klodiana Shala gave some messages why it is important to participate in such a sports activity and called for more participation.

Landi Hysi said: " I wish with all my heart that Tirana over the years be an attraction, where people choose between many national and international marathons to choose Tirana. I wish to reach that level and slowly work together. bring it to that level ", said Landi Hysi.

Known for her body care and constant training, the singer Soni Malaj also emphasized that participating in the marathon is another challenge for anyone who wants to achieve something within themselves. "The marathon is another start. "Marathons are generally those personal goals, maybe even more, characteristic to achieve and break something within oneself, it is also a kind of character force as is the sport in general", she said.

The well-known singer from Albania, Aurela Gaçe has once again shown her commitment to sports and regular training. She called for participation in this marathon which is also a celebration for the whole city.

" I do not do sports to lose weight, I do sports because I need it spiritually, physically, psychologically. I do sports to show the girls and boys who follow me live to be good on stage, to be strong, to be a mom, to be energetic, to have the opportunity to sing even after the pumps requires discipline. It is not accidental, it is discipline. Having proper breathing and singing at the same time is not a coincidence, it takes a daily discipline. That is why I show it, to show the generation that follows me that nothing is achieved by staying at home and eating seeds " , stressed Aurela Gaçe.

Examples like Landi, Aurela, Soni and Klodi, who have chosen to take care of themselves by engaging in regular sports activity, have inspired many other people who have decided to lead the same lifestyle for the sake of their health.