Conference League / Veliaj: Leave the car at home and avoid coming to Tirana

Conference League / Veliaj: Leave the car at home and avoid coming to Tirana

For the first time in its history, the Albanian capital will host a European football final and the Municipality of Tirana is prepared with all the details it requires in such an event. On the eve of the Roma-Feyenoord match on May 25, Mayor Erion Veliaj gave some final messages to the coordination group, which is dealing with the organization, as well as some advice for the citizens of Tirana, since that day will be without cars.

Veliaj described the Conference League final as a fantastic opportunity to produce the most beautiful postcard of our city and country in the international arena. He asked the citizens from the districts that, if they have a planned trip to Tirana, postpone it for another day.

"The city will implement the same protocol that it implemented during the visit of President Bush or Pope Francis, so please, if you do not have a ticket to be in the stadium, do not come to Tirana, postpone for another day, as you will not to pass in any of the few police checks, not even in the entrance axes of the city ", he ordered.

Veliaj asked for the understanding of the citizens of Tirana not to use the vehicle that day, but to travel on foot or by bicycle, while adding that public transport will work.

"My invitation to the citizens of Tirana is to move as much as possible on foot. I need your understanding, we need everyone's help. Public transport will work, but we can also use bicycles. "If someone wants to be useful that day, just do not take the car out," said the mayor.

Regarding public safety, the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the State Police and the Municipal Police, has taken all necessary measures. "Meetings have been held with the Minister of Interior, State Police, Traffic Police and Municipal Police, but also with an army of volunteers, who have undertaken to be flight attendants, but also to facilitate circulation in the city, for someone who has need for orientation explanations. "Our proposal is that we pass all the troops on the ground, especially in those 24 hours, to facilitate the circulation and avoid any incident", added Veliaj.