Bloomberg selects Tirana among the 10 bicycle cities

Bloomberg selects Tirana among the 10 bicycle cities

Tirana has been selected among many applicants from all over the world, as one of the 10 beneficiary cities of the Bloomberg Philanthropies grant for the Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure (BICI)!

Investments in improving infrastructure, especially in increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists, has made Tirana attract international attention. Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the first winners of the Bloomberg Cycling Infrastructure Initiative (BICI), with ten global cities receiving support to build innovative cycling infrastructure and sustainable mobility options for their residents.

In addition to Tirana, where the construction of a cycling network for all ages will be supported, through the implementation of the design of safe intersections, Milan in Italy and Lisbon in Portugal are also beneficiaries.

The goal of this initiative is to help cities design streets that increase bicycle use, revitalize neighborhoods, and promote the health and well-being of their communities. In addition to financing, Tirana will also receive technical assistance for project design and development. Launched in 2014, the mission of the Global Urban Design Initiative is to transform streets around the world.