Action to stop illegal water connections in Tirana

Action to stop illegal water connections in Tirana

The Task Force groups of the UKT and the Municipality of Tirana have continued their work in the field, from where they are monitoring the situation and documenting cases of illegal interventions in the network, as well as water waste.

The last action was carried out in the Linza area, from where a series of interventions were made in the central water supply network around the area.

Following the action for the prevention of drinking water abuses, by field groups, vans were found, who took water from the central line of the distribution network, with the aim of trading it in different areas of Tirana for personal gain. From the checks and verifications, these cars were found to be without the relevant documentation.

Meanwhile, in parallel, the Municipality of Tirana continues the work for the maintenance of the water supply and sewerage network.