Veliaj: We will build 5 new schools for the children of Astir and Kashari

Veliaj: We will build 5 new schools for the children of Astir and Kashari

In the area between Astir, Kashar and Yzberishti, the grounds are ready to build 5 new schools. Two of them, incorporated into a new educational campus, will be built only in Astir. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who was on the nearly 10,000 square meter plot, planned by the Municipality of Tirana for this purpose, where together with residents of the area he planted some trees, explained how the project will be developed, part of the lot of 5 new schools in the capital, two of which are in Kashar.

"For all the citizens who have asked themselves, 'what is this land in the middle of Astir, which has been preserved unbuilt', today we have an answer: it will be the land of the new school. In fact, we will have two new schools: a united school, but with separate entrances, the 9-year-old and the gymnasium. Anyone who has seen "Kristo Frashëri" and "Vaçe Zela" or "Kennedy" and "Mother Teresa" schools knows exactly what I am talking about, for a campus that is about 10,000 square meters. It is extraordinary news," said Veliaj.

He said that the construction of these schools was postponed due to high prices of building materials. "We had some difficulties for years, which I have publicly acknowledged: the increase in the price of steel and many of the products and articles with which schools are built went to a stratospheric level. This means that we have waited to relaunch the competition to build new schools in Yzberisht, in the entire area of ​​Astir and Kashar again this year. This is just one of three grounds. On this ground we will have the 9-year-old and the gymnasium. We have another field in Kashar, also for the 9-year-old and high school, and we also have another field that is between Lana and Unaza," declared the head of the Municipality.

Veliaj said that those who blocked Astir for 3 years in a row are the last ones who should speak in terms of educational facilities, especially in this area: "Those who blocked us for 3 years, preventing the entire construction of the Ring of Astir, today, of course, they have turned the blocking and search of the account into a sport, while they ran away from the City Hall and the City Council and blocked Astir for three years. Today, we can say that we have overcome that obstacle. We also overcame the property barrier. I remind you that this was the entire municipality of Kashari. This has been the model of the Democratic Party: build buildings, leave no space for parking, no space for playgrounds, no space for school".

“Sot, - tha Veliaj, - modeli ynë është krejt tjetër”. “Patjetër që Tirana do ketë zhvillim, por më vjen mirë që ky zhvillim ecën bashkë me nevojat e komunitetit. Pasi ka mbaruar pallati privat kjo tokë 9800 metra katror i është kthyer Bashkisë së Tiranës për të ndërtuar një shkollë 9-vjeçare, një gjimnaz të jashtëzakonshëm, ashtu sikurse dimë ne të ndërtojmë”.

Në fund, jo pa ironi, Veliaj tha se, PS ka detyrim të përfundojë shkollat e fundit të premtuara, ndërsa të tjerët, tha ai, të përfundojnë shkollën e të marrin diplomën.

"Of course, both parties must keep their school promises, but one party has an obligation to finish school for the effect of a diploma, while the other party, which is our side, has the obligation to finish school for the effect of the promise. Very big difference between the schools we promise and the promises we keep. I'm looking forward to doing these last 5, just like we did 40 schools. One of the reasons why Astiri and Kashari has given us this support is that they are sure who makes the 40 and some schools make the last 5. Those who did not go to school every time they ran Tirana or did not even finish their schools have no chance to get a hair out of the porridge" Veliaj finished his speech.

He said that since construction competitions are not allowed in the campaign, the procedures will be prepared after the elections for the three lots.