The 4 finalist cities for the title "European Youth Capital 2025" arrive in Tirana

The 4 finalist cities for the title "European Youth Capital 2025"

The four finalist cities for the title "European Youth Capital 2025" - Izmir, Fuenlabrada, Tromso and Lviv - are in Tirana to find out which of them will be the winner, in a ceremony that will take place this afternoon in the Albanian capital. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj hosted the mayor of the Spanish city, Fuenlabrada, Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega (who is one of the finalists) in a meeting with whom he discussed the progress of the youth year in Tirana.

"Fuenlabrada is one of the candidates for the "European Youth Capital", so I wish it much success. It doesn't matter who wins, as experience has shown us that where there is a desire to do things, wonderful projects can be realized, with or without titles. I strongly believe that sometimes such activities, such as the title awarding ceremony in Tirana for the next city that will receive the "European Youth Capital 2025" baton, are also reasons to meet each other and to create contacts ", said Veliaj.

Further, he stopped at the year we are leaving behind, when Tirana held the title of "European Youth Capital". Veliaj said that it was an excellent way to create connections between the youth of Albania and the youth of all Europe.

"For Tirana, the title "European Youth Capital 2022", apart from being a way to raise the reputation of the city, was also an excellent way to connect our young people. If young people bond from an early age, and then invest their whole lives in this relationship, they neither make wars nor open pointless arguments. These words would sound out of context if they were said years ago, at this time, but now that Europe is in a war, then the need arises more and more for our young people to dialogue, get to know each other and grow as allies, not as enemies. Prime Minister Rama's ambition is for Tirana to be an epicenter of positive energy. To connect these relations and to invest for peace and understanding between countries. This is the future of Europe", emphasized Veliaj.

The Mayor of Fuenlabrada, Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega expressed his pleasure to meet with the mayor of the current European Youth Capital to learn more.

"It is important for us to know who is the current mayor of the "European Youth Capital", because we also want to win this title. The most important thing we can do is, first we have to win, and second we have to talk to you. Now we are in Tirana and we want to get to know you, your team and your work. I hope we will win", he concluded.