20 new schools in Tirana. What are the goals for 2023?

20 new schools in Tirana. What are the goals for 2023?

20 new schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Unit 2 alone, Veliaj presents the budget to the residents: "We have done a lot of work in every neighborhood of Tirana, we have kept our promises"

Three new schools, 8 reconstructed ones, 6 kindergartens and 3 nurseries are some of the good works realized only in Unit 2 of Tirana. In the presentation of the draft budget for 2023 to the residents of the area, the mayor Erion Veliaj listed all the promises kept and also announced other projects that are being realized or are being completed in Unit 2.

"The works we promised and have been done, for which we are all witnesses: We promised three new schools: the schools "Kosova", "Bashkim Fino" and "Hoxha Tahsin". We have promised 8 reconstructed schools: "Ibrahim Brahja" schools in Sauk, "Fan Noli", "Ismail Qemali", "Mihal Grameno", "Asim Vokshi", which we have just started with UNDP funds, the ballet school "Mustafa Gërbëlleshi", "Jordan Misja" lyceum, and "Tonin Harapi" concert hall. We have promised 6 gardens: "Garden 18", "Garden 40", the garden of old Sauk, "Garden 68", "Treasure Island", "Garden 65" and "Garden 41". We have promised 3 nurseries: Nurseries 52, 54 and "Nursery 10". All these are promises kept. We had promised a library, we did it at "Pazari i Ri", it is called "Moikom Zeqo". For sported,

The mayor said that thousands of families and young couples have been helped with soft loans, rental bonuses and housing bonuses, even after the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

"For social programs: In Unit 2, 2,350 families have benefited from soft loans, 102 families from rent and housing bonus, 240 families from earthquake rent bonus, 720 families from reconstruction bonus DS1 - DS3, 1 building reconstructed with DS4 and we have 24 buildings in the process of repairing common spaces. When I look at my friends, fellow mayors, who were hit by an earthquake 20 and 15 years ago, like in Italy, and people are still in caravans, I say that we managed it with more dignity and much faster than many other countries. others", he declared.

Veliaj vuri në dukje se nëse në buxhetin e vitit të kaluar sërish zë kryesor ka qenë rindërtimi i shtëpive dhe shkollave, këtë vit bashkia planifikon një buxhet social, për kategoritë më të prekura nga kriza e shkaktuar nga inflacioni i luftës.

"The main characteristic of this budget will be solidarity. We are preparing for winter, God willing the good weather continues, God willing we don't need to turn on the heaters, air conditioners, but you never know and this is the reason that - since we are in the Student City - all students have received from 50% up to 75% from the Municipality of the payment of the cost of the dormitory, so that the chunas and gocats, in contrast to those others [DP candidates] who see them as immigrants, as foreigners, as people who are adding to our traffic and problems, feel not only welcomed, but also supported by the largest Albanian municipality, such as the Municipality of Tirana," said Veliaj.