10 new schools ready in September and a new neighborhood in Vaqarr

10 new schools ready in September and a new neighborhood in Vaqarr

In an interview for News 24, the mayor Erion Veliaj underlined that while the citizens of the capital have started the summer holidays, the Municipality of Tirana continues the works for the completion of the works in the open construction sites.

Veliaj said that this new school year will open 10 new schools near the center of Tirana and in suburban areas, to help families not to send their children away for school.

"About 10 schools that will be opened in Tirana will be ready for September. Some schools are in the city, such as the new schools of Don Bosko, Hasan Vogli, Qazim Turdiu. Also some schools in rural areas that we have made more "Fantastic schools in Petrela, some schools in Peza, in Peza Helmës, in Peza e Madhe, and even in Peza e Vogël.

Regarding the last houses that will be rebuilt, he said that they will be finished by the end of August, as he gave the news that the new neighborhood in Vaqarr as part of the reconstruction program is almost ready.

"We have about 62 to finish and I believe we will complete them by the end of August, while some are massive interventions and here we enter the New Neighborhood in Vaqarr which is almost ready. We have some connections of water supply nodes and electricity connections "In the new neighborhoods will be regrouped those houses left by impossibility, but also by poverty for years, on the outskirts of public access", said Veliaj.

Speaking about the supply of drinking water in Tirana, the mayor said that the quality of water is checked every 20 minutes, thus giving citizens maximum security for the water they consume.

"We are investing in what we call the 'pressure ring'. As the city has several rings for buses, so does the water supply network. If we do not do this 'pressure ring', then those who are closer to the areas where enter the main springs in Tirana, get more water.This network creates a uniform pressure throughout Tirana.Tirana water goes to the laboratory every 20 minutes.Checked for all parameters.So chemical parameters, for the way it is chlorinated and purified "and biological parameters. Care must be taken with the deposits, to be cleaned because water pollution occurs in the tank", explained Veliaj.