Yuri Kim tells Erla Mëhilli who gathered the evidence to declare Berisha non-woman

Yuri Kim tells Erla Mëhilli who gathered the evidence to declare Berisha

US Ambassador Yuri Kim in an interview with Erla Mëhilli on Euronews stated that Sali Berisha's non grata announcement came after evidence was gathered from many institutions.

"It is not just DASH. Includes agencies like Treasury Department, FBI, CIA. A range of experts are involved to look at the facts. "First, to gather the facts and then to review the facts, and then to build a file that the Secretary of State has the confidence to sign," said the ambassador.

Kim explained that the process of declaring someone non grata takes years and is not done within a day nor by a single individual.

"More than 200 people have been designed by the State Department to be involved in significant corruption. "All those cases go through a very rigorous review process by a number of agencies," said the ambassador.

According to her, there is no evidence that can be made public in any court process.

"In no case do we present a evidence file. This is not the process, "said Kim, who insisted several times that despite Berisha opening a lawsuit in Paris over the issue, there would be no statement from the US.

The ambassador stressed that the former PD leader's non grata announcement was made based on facts and involved many US Government agencies.

In May last year, DASH Secretary Antony Blinken announced that Berisha and his family would not be allowed to obtain visas to the United States. According to Blinken, this decision was taken by official Washington "for corrupt acts that violate democracy in Albania".