VIDEO / Simpson predicted the fuel crisis since 2010

VIDEO / Simpson predicted the fuel crisis since 2010

The Simpsons predicting big events have become an obsession among fans and the latest theory is the fuel crisis.

The theory goes back to the 2010 episode titled Lisa Simpson, This Is Not Your Life.

In the chapter, Homer is seen buying 1,000 gallons of gasoline to win a toy for Maggie is upset about the absence of one of her happy little happy elves.

A funny video of Homer filling the trunk of his car with gasoline quickly went viral on social media with many commenting that The Simpsons have predicted again

Lack of truck drivers and panic buying has led to fuel shortages at petrol stations across the UK.

Ministers announced Monday that soldiers had been put on alert to send fuel, amid concerns that the lack of tanker drivers was threatening the ability of oil companies to store supplies.