Veliaj publishes the invoices: the Municipality of Kavaja paid 122 million lek to the incinerator of Tirana

Veliaj publishes the invoices: the Municipality of Kavaja paid 122 million lek

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, published at today's meeting of the Municipal Council the receipts of payments that the Municipality of Kavaja has made for the incinerator of Tirana, paying for the waste service. Veliaj said that the Municipality of Kavaja, which is run by the opposition, paid 122 million ALL on August 22.

"The municipality of Kavaja, on August 22, paid the incinerator 122 million ALL. The municipality of Kavaja is run by these people. They say: We will do the cleaning in Kavaja. There are some hypocrites who talk all day and have gone first to pay the money there, because they don't want to leave Kavaja dirty, but they want to leave Tirana dirty, because they understand that they left it dirty. These are some hypocrites and it's a shame that young chunas give their face to Saliu, that young chicks give their face to Ilir Meta, because in the only small municipality that they run, on August 22, in the middle of the holidays, they pay for the trip '. They understand that there is nothing without Lek and they went in the middle of the summer and paid 122 million Lek. Because even when the state manages it, there are costs," said Veliaj.

He said that today Tirana is the cleanest city, while he described the accusations of right-wing councilors as hypocrisy. "The municipality of Tirana is today cleaner than the slime you left, it is without that misty cloud that you produced, it is without those people who flocked to pick up garbage. It is today the cleanest city in the Balkans. You left vacations and paid for the incinerator and landfill for Kavaja, which you run yourself and meanwhile you say: "Do as I say, but not as I do"! Tirana will continue to be the cleanest city in the Balkans and precisely because you make it dirty, you will never win! I understand that this about Kavaja hit you like a bomb, but show us the example so we can follow you. The example you did is that you went in your bathrobe to pay. As you went with thongs, with recipes, with bathrobes, on August 22 you will pay,