Veliaj: I expect a civilizing campaign! Whoever is running from the opposition factions is not my enemy

Veliaj: I expect a civilizing campaign! Whoever is running from the opposition
The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj has commented on the upcoming electoral campaign for the local elections of 2023. In an interview with Fax Neës, Veliaj stated that the Municipality of Tirana is focused on its daily work. He underlined that he expects that the election period will not be a campaign of abuse and slander, but a civilizing campaign, where people discuss what are the ideas to move the city forward.

"The work we do is a daily job, not only when the campaign comes. In these times, the focus has been mainly on schools, kindergartens, nurseries and boarding schools. Of course, there are things that can be done better, so I expect that this will not be a campaign of insults, of slander, of kicks under the belt, but to be a civilized campaign, where people express what are the ideas to move the city Before. Whoever is running, from several factions of the opposition, is not my enemy. Rather, it is also a contributor to how we can do this work better. I took the campaign seriously even in 2019, when we did not have an official opposition candidate, because I believe that the campaign is taken seriously not for the opponents, but for the people who say: I put you there, so that you can do your best, with all your power and how many opportunities you have", declared Veliaj.

The mayor emphasized that every disaster is also an opportunity, as time showed that the schools that were damaged by the earthquake were rebuilt many times better and safer than the old ones. "For the "Sami Frashëri" school, the earthquake was a disaster that damaged it, but it was also an opportunity that today the school is the most beautiful in the Republic of Albania, perhaps in all of Southeast Europe. The daily campaign is what honors us all. It's like saying: You, as a television, only work when there is a campaign? No, every day you are in an effort to broadcast, to tell the truth, to give both sides of the coin and I believe this is how we should function as a society. Working people, we roll up our sleeves every day and not only when the campaign meal comes," said Veliaj.