Veliaj: Berisha is ending his career in shame, he should be treated as a patient and a defendant for the crimes committed

Veliaj: Berisha is ending his career in shame, he should be treated as a patient

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said in an interview for "Top News" that Sali Berisha belongs to the past and should no longer be taken as a political reference. He underlined that Berisha is the man who ordered the killing of citizens in the middle of the Boulevard and caused the tragedy of Gërdec.

"I'm sorry that we keep referring to Berisha. He is someone who belongs to the past, has "Freudian" problems with himself. Every time there is a fire in Tirana, he remembers Gërdeci and has to blame someone. The mayor can't be a guard in every corner and clearly Freud speaks to him more than logic, so every time he sees a fire or an explosion, he associates it with himself, his son, his family, the gardener and the crimes of his. Every time he sees an incident, he tries to connect it to us, because of course he is the only person who ordered the killing of people on the Boulevard. At this stage he is a clinical case and as long as he is a patient, I believe that we commit a moral violation by dealing with a patient, who needs more to be pitied, but also to be punished for all these crimes, than to be the subject of conversation.

Veliaj, as Political Leader of SP for Tirana District, said that the opposition with Sali Berisha is going from defeat to defeat. "A man who ends his career in shame, goes from defeat to defeat, without losing enthusiasm, but losing votes. A man who today lives, or crawls into politics, just to save his criminal family. He is a man who deserves to be treated as a patient and as a defendant, but not as a political reference", said Veliaj.