Erjon Brace's birthday wish for the Socialist Party is a call for socialists like Drini

Erjon Brace's birthday wish for the Socialist Party is a call for

On the 31st anniversary of the Socialists, Erjon Brace's congratulations are to all ordinary members who have recently joined this political force. Calling them the second generation of the SP political family, Brace has personified his wish with Drini and all those who like him constitute exactly the base in every unit, neighborhood, village or city.

Special congratulations to Erjon Brace:

Happy birthday Drin Balla!

Happy 35th birthday!

Happy birthday PS too!

You were born in a day with him! Today is your whole day.

For the parents who brought you to life, raised you and did so, your family, children, whoever is near you, you are for them!

But even in the SP, your day is, your day, the day of ordinary people who make the Socialist Party.

This party is from you and it makes sense for you!

Today, honor and respect belong to those who founded this family, raised it, protected it, did not give up from the persecution of violence against them, regenerated it, opened it, modernized it, empowered it, made it a winner, down there, - based on we say,

in small houses of the territory, in the village, in the neighborhood, in the city, in the north and south, east and west, in Çermë, Grabian, Remas, Gradishtë, Divjakë, Lushnjë, Kolonjë, Bubullimë, Krutje, Allkaj, everywhere in Lushnje, in the field and on the hill.

You, others like you, are the second generation of this big and strong family, the generation after the founding parents, those with you in the picture, others who are everywhere and made us part of this family, are with us, but also they see us from above, rejoice for us, judge us, rebuke us, improve us, but one thing they taught us: To open small field houses for other people, young people, the third generation in SPA! Because the light in this house should never be turned off!

There must always be someone there to turn on the light, to light the flame, to raise and raise the flag, to open the door and to wait incessantly for other young people, to talk to them, to persuade them, to raise them in the battle for our convictions, the left, the public interest, the interests of ordinary people there in Çermë, in Divjaka, in Lushnja, in all of Albania!

That's why this family was founded 31 years ago!

Happy Drin!

Happy every socialist wherever he is!

Honor and dignity, work and purity, justice and equality!