UNDP 30 years, Rama describes the program as an "ant that works non-stop

UNDP 30 years, Rama describes the program as an "ant that works non-stop

During the ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama praised the work of this program in our country, saying that it has played a very important role in transforming the country.

where after 11 years of unimaginable urban chaos and deformation, and lawlessness and order, we embarked on a new path trying to give the city back to the people, to give the sense of public space as an intermediate space between private properties of people. We had the opportunity to work with an organization that has more than money knowledge and knowledge transfer. "We had to learn these things like children in the primer, case by case", said Rama.

Rama praised the work done by the program, especially during two very difficult periods for our country, the earthquake and the pandemic. He even compared them to an "ant", which according to him works step by step and uninterruptedly.

"I believe that the program remains a factor of special importance in the life of our country, society, politics in the way of implementing their decision. I have not had any love story with UNDP, but in this case it is not out of place to count the things done even though I mentioned very little. When I was going through the to-do list, I had the feeling of an ant, the program is an ant in relation to elephants who for the first time are not here to take the floor. I believe that the program deserves respect and gratitude ", Rama further said.