Majority withdraws: Commissions not physically online. But with rules to enter the hall

Majority withdraws: Commissions not physically online. But with rules to enter

The majority seems to have given 'pe' to the opposition. The next meetings of the Commissions from next week will be held in a traditional way, ie physically. After the debate today, where the opposition deputies demanded that the Committees be held physically, the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, said that the meetings of the Committees will be held physically. But with rules: Distance, vaccination and testing.

Taulant Balla also said that MPs will be asked for the vaccine certificate before entering the hall or the test with the negative result of the Covid test.

Here is what Taulant Balla stated:

"We will propose to the conference of mayors that the meetings be held respecting the distances, the deputies to declare the vaccination certificate. Even in the Italian parliament, the commission does not participate in the meeting without getting the vaccine. The time gained during this week was a time because the parliamentary agenda was such as to require understanding on the part of the Democratic Party. The worries until home, push them to create unnecessary problems. The practice of online committee meetings will continue as long as it is about issues that are not of particular importance, but about issues with extended debate this will continue. I would call on the troubled souls in the DP that this issue is clear.

I call on the deputies, those who have not yet exercised the obligation that they have to fulfill the obligation that the responsible citizens have to be vaccinated with two doses. And from next week, the conference of mayors will give the green light to the transition to a traditional way of developing the commission. From what has been discussed we have agreed, in terms of that communication that participation must be with vaccination certificates, there are cases when doctors do not recommend vaccination, but you must be equipped with a PCR test, this rule is normal when traveling by plane and traveling in a country of Europe.

I would beg the opposition not to waste time on this issue and to continue the normal work. I have been informed in the case of the three commissions that have requests from the opposition, from representatives of the council of ministers. Our wish is for this new legislature to start working well and naturally that story spun yesterday that we are afraid of debate, I would seek to leave these stories behind and move forward with very important tasks that parliament has. "Let us not forget the role that the Assembly has."

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