Soreca: The EU will continue to support Albania, road accidents are a problem

Soreca: The EU will continue to support Albania, road accidents are a problem

EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca stated today that the EU and Albania will advance cooperation in the field of security and law enforcement.

Soreca also stated that road accidents are a problem and added that more work needs to be done in this regard. Among other things, Soreca stressed that EU financial assistance to Albania will not be lacking.

"In the last year, Albania and the EU have engaged in a very strong political dialogue. Collaborations have been established in these areas. We have established rapprochement in law enforcement. EU member states, through joint teams, Europol and offices that support training as well as various projects. The EU will continue to support Albania, as well as the efforts being made for European integration. We will advance the cooperation of EU countries and Europol. Joint police investigation teams will be strengthened and we will have successful joint operations. Efforts should be made to fight corruption, especially in the area of ??money laundering and public corruption. I'm glad we talked about road safety. Albania has presented many initiatives and still this issue is a concern. We have had a high number of road accidents in recent years. I would also like to talk about environmental crime. We can not push our commitments further. Environmental crime is not without victims, because it creates damage to the environment.

Environmental crime brings in a lot of money and is just as lucrative as the drug trade, but it is hard to catch. Albania is facing increasing emigration. Full implementation of legislation is important. This quick overview of the most important topics emphasizes the importance of today's issues. It is not an easy job in these difficult moments. It is important for a strategic vision, I would end by saying that we will have shared responsibilities. This is important in today's meeting, to share responsibilities and show that Albania will have an important role in promoting initiatives, and this means that we will advance European integration ", said Soreca.