Replica Tabaku-Rama, for Becchet

Replica Tabaku-Rama, for Becchet

Prime Minister Edi Rama and PD MP Jorida Tabaku have had remarks in today's plenary session, regarding the Beccheti case. Rama during his speech said that no penny was paid to Becchet.

"Figures and facts deserve consensus, then interpretations are another matter. I took the floor because I heard a figure from what you produce, 385 million euros Arbitrage bill. Where is this bill? If you were to tell us facts, not conjectures and conclusions based on conjecture, let's discuss it but you can not tell parliament and the public that it has a 385 million euro bill for arbitration that the government is paying. You have jointly announced that a big stunt is being paid like the one you used to confuse people before the elections, I am telling you that zero, not a penny has been paid to Becchet or anyone else so far.

Meanwhile the confrontation continues to be clear. It continues in every space where there is a possibility of a legal confrontation, so regret for you Ms. Tabaku that you also keep a lot of notes and for a man who reads a lot, to talk about 385 million euros that do not exist is a little embarrassing. It is not discussed that we have the lowest taxes in the region, there is no zero tax in the region for salaries up to 400 thousand old lekë and soon, within a few years we will zero it up to 500 thousand lekë. Where does it come from that we have the highest tax? This remains to be assessed on the basis of figures ", said Rama.

Tabaku responded to Prime Minister Edi Rama by saying that there are ministers and deputies behind bars.

"You are what you do, not what you say you will do. They started the week with a ridiculous spectacle in the fight against corruption. Do you know who competed there? Those who laugh here today, the incinerator file, the 184 and 339 files, all that What an irony it was to hear tragic anti-corruption speeches, this government has 2 ministers and an MP for corruption behind bars and they will still fight corruption. while those who laugh today rejoice whenever these accusations are spoken about.This is the ruthless Albania of the fight against corruption.

Has brought the counters commission to parliament. Today businesses complain en masse about gendarmes going to the doors of businesses. 93% say they go to Shiite representatives to ask for bribes. It is so unfair that when he sells a painting he pays 15% while the citizens pay 25%. I believe that this ugly spectacle was not spoiled by anything, not even the arrest of a man who has never paid a fine in his life. I have to admit something, a lot of laws have been passed in these halls. The only law that I believe has raised our discussion is the decriminalization that has brought examples of how government has learned to govern. I had Kajmaku in front in Vora on March 6, even in the elections without opponents, but Kajmaku was there. He and the other Kajmaks, butter and cottage cheese. We will find the next Kajmak that will come out for god. He, the standard of honesty,