Rama clashes with panelists: You are relativizing a murder with a video with a van

Rama clashes with panelists: You are relativizing a murder with a video with a

Edi Rama: ' I say God be with you who relativize the irrelevant. God bless Rakipllari of Artan Hoxha that we are talking about oppression and rebirth where here we are before the corpses that have made a family lose its man, an entire city to be shaken by the hand of someone who is organized within a structure that I do not say I, the PD itself said (it has it for Gazment Bardhi) that; We have vote protection structures. May you not condemn the murder '.

The debate was sparked after the panel focused on the video in Maqellara, Dibra, where a van with voter lists and 7,000 euros was seized. The Prime Minister said that the persons have been detained and are under investigation by the prosecution.

'Who is to blame to be punished. But this is not the trial, you who want to relativize a murder with a video of Maqellara '.

Journalist Robert Rakipllari says that the Prime Minister is playing with two standards: 'When they are not guilty, they speak before justice, when they are accused and involved, they say "Justice is right".

Fevziu is heard telling analyst Artan Hoxh to avoid 'Elbasan' as a topic.

"It will keep us in Elbasan, we walk a little" - Fevziu are heard.

Then Artan Hoxha asks him that neither the murder nor the video would have happened: 'If you as prime minister would be responsible. If a month ago you would do those two things I asked you. After the quarrel in the square of Elbasan. You told Taulant Ballës to leave me, because we do not need them. You had told the Elbasan police what did you do when people were beaten in the square? You justified yourself and said that they are not ours. You made it look like he was from the SMI. There would be neither conflict nor murder '.

Rama: 'Fevzi, të paralajmëroj, nëse kjo bisedë nuk do bëhet korrekte do ju lë me këta të rinj dhe unë iki. Kjo është e pabesueshme, këto nuk janë biseda normale. Ajo që ndodhi dje ka filluar të gatuhet që atë ditë, është strategji për të provokuar për të nxitur e rritur tensionin, e dinë ata çfarë i pret me 25 prill dhe të gjitha kanë një shprehje të thejshtë. Shiko kush është nervoz dhe e kupton kush humbet'.