Rama-opposition: You are in a problem that you can not solve. To repeat the same feature of frivolity

Rama-opposition: You are in a problem that you can not solve. To repeat the same

Prime Minister Rama from the rostrum of the Assembly today told the opposition that if they ask for the same thing they will get the same answer. And Albanians can not continue to lie that electricity in the country is the highest in the region as this is not true at all.

The Prime Minister also added that oil is cheaper than when the Democratic Party ruled,

Rama further said: To repeat the same thing and expect something else is a feature of frivolity. It took 8 years to repeat the same thing. Get the same result and repeat the same thing again and again get the same result and by repeating the same thing the same result you will get again.

And you do not escape the transfer of responsibility through fantasies, fabrications for electro massacres that I found you there will leave you if you repeat the same thing over and over again taking Albanians for fools, this is your choice and I am not the one who will encourage you to see your choice, especially now that we are in a contest who is the doll who is the hostage and who invents better to show that he is neither a doll nor a pen. You can tell Albanians what you want but the facts are facts.

I found you there and I will leave you there. If you keep repeating this. However this is your choice. We are in a race over who is the doll and who is the hostage. And whoever slanders and insults more that he is neither a puppet nor a hostage. The wisdom of a people has a barometer and there were 5 days of judgment in a row that the people say "you forget it" with these thoughts that you have. Yesterday at the European summit.

They had the theme of what to do together about the energy crisis. You as a hostage as a hostage-taker say that Albania had no connection with the market. Is Albania drought? Does Albania buy? Did you go to the market or not? Second you tell them that the energy bill is the highest in the region. It is untrue. Energy bill in the power system. The increase in the price on the stock exchange, energy, oil or flour does not even ask whether Spain has more or Albania less. You center-right party you market liberalization. He thinks you are a waste of the Labor Party. With all the carbon tax "

You are in an aunt who can not solve them. With all the carbon tax, is it true that oil is cheaper than when you left the government? How much did Albanians buy in 2012?