Why did Yuri gather Kim, Gjiknur, Kryemadhi, Tabaku in the CEC!

Why did Yuri gather Kim, Gjiknur, Kryemadhi, Tabaku in the CEC!

At the end of the day, it turned out to be a purely informative meeting. The representatives of the political parties in their statements were careful not to take positions in conclusion, but to give statements with sense of mass.

Damian Gjiknuri said that this is a case where the parties should learn how not to be financed, but he was careful to say that the meeting had nothing to do with subsequent measures or actions. Just informative.

Jorida Tabaku said: It was discussed about political parties, their financing and staying away from Russian and Chinese influences, the embassy will inform you more.

Monika Kryemadhi said: It has become urgent to erect barriers for the non-penetration of Russian financing that harm Albania's security, even more so in the situation we find ourselves in. I think this is what we have raised over time. I have been talking about the Russian influence in the country for more than 6 years. But better late than never. The time has come for the other two parties to take the experience of the LSI or the Freedom Party today, so that all donors have the donors by name and surname. The law on the financing of political parties needs revision. By making it bureaucratic, dirty money is stimulated more. I congratulate the meeting with Kim and may the cooperation of all parties continue. There is a process that will continue to be investigated and will also be investigated outside Albania. Whoever has swallowed the spoiled soup spoon has to steal his whole life

Damian Gjiknuri: We are committed to any type of act, some of which have already been made public, such as that of the Intelligence Community. We should take an example of how we political parties should not get involved in these financings. These are technical things that we will do next. Provisions for the election campaign will be strengthened. The focus was the concern of our ally, the USA, about the involvement of foreign influences, mainly Russian, in political parties, but also in media organizations. It was not a technical conversation, or the measures that will be taken. The concern that was triggered by the last report was conveyed. These concerns are real so that these things do not happen again in the future.

Even Celibashi put the points on it by saying: In a few words, Ambassador Kim conveyed the concern of the USA, the partner and ally of the USA, regarding foreign financing of Albanian politics, specifically Russian politics. From the latest information they have, they forwarded this concern to Albanian political actors in order to increase their attention and what is in their power to do better so that foreign funding does not have an impact on Albanian politics. I can say that there is a need to improve the legal framework, to give a practical opportunity to investigate the amount of money that political parties receive and from where they receive it. The nature of the discussion was informative and conveying a concern, there were no discussions as increase attention