SP opens with Tirana the process for the election of new mayors, Rama: Any member can compete

SP opens with Tirana the process for the election of new mayors, Rama: Any

The Socialist Party has today opened the process for the election of new party leaders in all municipalities.

The opening of the process has started from the Tirana Region, where all members of the Socialist Party have been invited who want to take on commitments within the party to present their candidacies.

In his speech, Prime Minister Edi Rama, at the same time chairman of the Socialist Party, described the selection of new party leaders in 61 municipalities as very important.

"It is a process that is substantially new and it is imperative that we make every effort to ensure that no one is afraid to get involved if they are involved, due to the prejudice that the process may not be completely open and fully competitive. . In fact, the goal is for the process to be open and competitive.

But from saying to doing here too there is a whole sea in between.

The truth is that in the past we have had more than one case and then the processes have been closed and degraded to recycling the same thing. For this reason in the Party Congress we made a decision following an Assembly-born discussion to start the process with the election of mayors in 61 municipalities and then in all administrative units to have this as the first stage and to go after to the organizations where the elections were not held, or where the elections were held without fulfilling the criteria set for the composition of the organization and all those that are foreseen in the National Assembly ", said Rama.