The SP denounced the Russian funding in the DP, but you didn't believe Balla and Braça at that time

The SP denounced the Russian funding in the DP, but you didn't believe

In today's press conference, Rama responded to Berisha's accusations that Rama had a hand in the closing of the investigations into Russian financing of the PD in 2017.

Rama says that the SP was the first to denounce this case, since 2017, but that the deputies who made the denunciation were repeatedly attacked and not believed.

The Prime Minister warns at the end of the speech: "Very soon you will be surprised about other things as well. I tell you here."

The question of the TV KLAN journalist: How much of a hand do you have, Mr. Rama, in the closure of the Basha case of Russian funding in PD? After the chairman of PD Berisha you in closing the case

what are you looking for? To take this question seriously and answer it? Do you not know the answer? Isn't he the same one who vehemently denied any DP connection with Russian funding? Isn't he the same one who put his chest and protected Lulzim Basha with pathos? Where do I come in now? Where is my hand in the middle? Yes, this is not the story of a fool who throws a stone in the river and 100 wise men cannot get it out, but of a fool devil who fools an entire country by pulling all of you by the nose. Not me, not the SP, but all of you who consider it as a source of information. Russian financing of DP has been denounced by SP. Taulant Balla, Erion Braçe and others have left nothing - not you, but those who were surprised today - have left nothing undone and unsaid. Lulzim Basha appeared on your TV and spoke about 500 shareholders from the diaspora who wanted to raise money, but did not give their names. what hasn't been shown? Or was it easier to leave it to Taulant Balla and Elisa Spiropali, to leave it to the spiropalization of the SP. Yes, it's not just that. You will soon be surprised at other things as well. I'm telling you here," said Rama.