Online or Physical Clash for Commissions between Majority and Opposition

Online or Physical Clash for Commissions between Majority and Opposition

Clashes between the opposition and the majority over the development of parliamentary committees continue to this day. Representatives of the opposition have physically appeared before the Commission today, while the majority has asked them to enter the Online platform, and that the meetings will continue to be held online due to the situation with the coronavirus.

The Education Commission has started without the opposition while it is being headed by Deputy Chairman Petro Koçi. Arriving at the hall where the commissions take place, the opposition deputies left the meeting arguing that the majority did not show up: Because they will not face the opposition, they say.

Agron Gjekmarkaj, leaving the hall, told the media:

'We are facing an absurd situation. The majority did not show up because they do not want to confront the opposition. Edi Rama's puppets do not want to discuss the issue of education. They have a lot of things they want to go through so that they do not face opposition. '

From the Online meeting of the Commission for Education and Media, Petro Koçi said:

"It is clear that the representative of the opposition has a claim. It is not the commission that resolves the claims on the progress of parliamentary procedures, but the conference of chairmen. We are obliged as a majority, we are a majority in this committee, to implement the conference decision. "Consensus. At the moment we are bound by the decision."

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Online meeting with the representatives of the majority:

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