DP for the government's three-point plan: SPAK to launch investigations, energy will become more expensive through food

DP for the government's three-point plan: SPAK to launch investigations,

PD Deputy Chairman Grida Duma warns of a lawsuit in SPAK for abuses according to the Rama government PD with OSHEE and KESH. In the press statement after the presentation of the Prime Minister of the three-point plan for dealing with the energy crisis, Grida Duma said that the government's plan is to borrow so that KESH and OSHEE can hold tenders and earn money. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama in point three of the plan to deal with the crisis announced: '3. Guaranteeing the necessary liquid fund for interaction with the electricity market - continues the detailing of state sovereign guarantee instruments, which will be renewable, in value 100 million euros for the electricity distribution company at the end of this year and 100 million euros at the beginning of next year, to provide points one and two '.

Grida Duma press release:

DP calls on SPAK to urgently start investigations, DP is preparing reports of abuses of tens of millions of euros of Rama's government with OSHEE and KESH at the expense of Albanian families.

Rama did not even say a word about energy as extraordinary news that there will be no interruption, while what he actually sold is the plan to borrow OSHEE and KESH to make tenders, to earn money the same fist that opened this pit that does not come from outside but the caterpillars of corruption that live in the system of this minority are 200 million euros to patch with the money of consumers those million bites that tear themselves for their appetites.

He showed the plan for the needy but was told to pay the same because we do not increase your salaries or pensions.

Citizens will pay for this, energy and increase the bill in the bill of food, services that the legality of the economy leads to the consumer, ie family members. With lush screens defending the vulnerable, Albanians were briefly told that the middle class is thriving, that the economy is good.

He said that the state is not a god and the individual must succeed on his own, but they succeed in the country where there is room for aptitude, he rolled his tongue to the past and said that we chose the market economy, in fact in these 30 years where he has ruled and itself just as much offers the tolls of nutritional deficiency.

In fact, no investments have been made, they are PPPs - we are the last country in the Balkans that has the minimum wage because PPPs have ruined the country's economy, PPPs of millions of euros that are signed without harm, are done together with arbitrations that are the long hand of corruption this power along with public debt. They are all there and he does not offer solutions, because they are the only causes of this national disaster, today he asks you for the last penny that he does not give up PPPs.

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