DP in identity crisis! It needs to be recreated more modern and with a new speaker

DP in identity crisis! It needs to be recreated more modern and with a new

Former President Bujar Nishani, invited to the show "Real Story" has stated that the Democratic Party is in a political, electoral and identity crisis. Criticizing the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, he says that the DP should be recreated in a more modern way and with a new chairman.

Bujar Nishani: It has overcome the great crisis in the DP. The latest statements, which reflect an understanding of how the PD was built, how it works, what the PD carries, from the chairman, show that there is a PD identity crisis today. To say and consider the governance of the party, which you have undertaken to lead, ie one of the most important parts of this party, which is precisely the governance, as a river, despite in its segmental sense, undoubtedly shows a very reflection severe, which has to do with the identity crisis.

To whom does Mr. sludge refer? Basha? He has been in charge of the most important ministries in that government. Addressing them as sludge indicates an identity crisis. If there is one government that cost the DP, it is Basha's government as mayor in Tirana. He had created sludge with his 'de facto' non-government in Tirana. I opposition leader to make so many mistakes, I have never encountered in the past. So, unfortunately, very bitter for me, the DP is not only in a great political and electoral crisis, but also in a great identity crisis, which must be resolved at all costs.

The essence of the issue is not who will be the alternative of Lulzim Basha tomorrow, but how the alternative of the DP will be built, including the leader, the president tomorrow. I think this is really the challenge of the DP and it actually should be. No one can deny that today there is a problem between Basha and Berisha, but it is not the essence. The essence is not Basha's alternative today. Any of them, if criticized, but within some principles, I am convinced there will be no misunderstanding. We must convince each other that every effort today must be made on how to build a modern party. DP today is important to demonstrate what, how and when it can achieve a different face.