DP requests Commission of Inquiry for April 25: Request to the Assembly

DP requests Commission of Inquiry for April 25: Request to the Assembly

The Democratic Party has submitted to the Assembly today the request to set up a Commission of Inquiry for the April 25 elections. It is learned that the request was submitted by the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party Enkelejd Alibeaj, who said that this commission will investigate the abuses that according to him the government did with public funds to buy the vote of Albanians.

Alibeaj told the media:

"We have just submitted a request to set up a commission of inquiry into the April 25 election massacre, based on the Constitution. We have submitted a request not only as a need for political action, but also as a screaming need that democracy demands. Some of the issues that deserve and should be investigated o only for politics and the public.Closing the borders for immigrants, to make it impossible for them to vote in the elections of April 25. Doing nothing for the legalization process for 10 thousand informal buildings.Early disbursement of economic aid, 2.5 million euros.4 years were extorted, stolen, impoverished, while in the election period 2.5 million euros of economic aid, reintegrating families in exchange for the vote.Employment of at least 13 thousand Albanians with temporary contracts, during the election campaign period. the icing on the cake ',modern espionage, 910 thousand Albanians spied on by the infamous process of patronage ".

The Commission of Inquiry will consist of 6 members headed by Alibeaj himself. The other members will be: Gazmend Bardhi, Oert Bylykbashi, Sorina Koti, Ferdinant Xhaferri, Ervin Salianji and Kreshnik Çollaku.

DP says that the main issue to be addressed in this commission of inquiry is according to them the theft of personal data of citizens through patronage, misuse of public assets and functions, abuse of reconstruction funds for electoral purposes, abuse of legalizations in exchange for votes, employment illegal in public administration and sell vote buying.

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