OST tender for cosmetics for female employees? Erjon Brace undertakes to clarify the truth

OST tender for cosmetics for female employees? Erjon Brace undertakes to clarify

For several days, there has been a news in many media about a tender of OST, which also includes cosmetics for female employees. At first reading, it seems crazy for the economic level of Albania and maybe even for a super developed country like Denmark or Switzerland.

So far there has been no clarification from the head of OST Skerdi Drenova. Even the government has not had any reaction, leaving this story without an answer.

Erjon Braçe, who tells Tiranapost.al that he decided to be interested in the truth after his inbox was filled with messages about this "madness", says that he has discovered that we are only dealing with disinformation, without any truth in between. It is not about botox, lip injections, or fillers, but the tender has undertaken to protect OST women in the event of an accident at work.

Read it in full, or listen to Erjon Braçe's video:

Luxury expenses!

130 thousand euros for cosmetic services for women in OST!

Are you on the fence?

What are you doing that we don't understand each other anymore?

I want to ask you:

Did you get this news on your phone?

For me yes! Along with these comments;

Today, after verification, I have to say:

This is no longer journalism! It's not even fake! It's disinformation. Born in Moscow, it spread everywhere through the populists, their communication strategy;

In an attempt: in the attempt for power!

Si është e vërteta?

As që bëhet fjalë që OST tu mundësojë vajzave e grave që punojnë aty, ndërhyrje estetike me botox, fillera, tërheqje majtas e djathtas në fytyre, pickime buzësh e rimodelim hunde, nofulle etj!

Bëhet fjalë për një kontratë sigurimi jete nga aksidentet në pune, pra vihet në lëvizje veç në rastin e aksidenteve në punë me pasojë për jetën e shëndetin e punëtorëve!

Shumë mirë bën OST që siguron jetën e shëndetin e punëtorëve, grave e vajzave së pari punojnë në qendra e mes paisjeve me tension të lartë, rrezikojnë jetën nga aksidente që mund t’i dëmtojnë e humbin pamjen e tyre!

Ky është hall!

Nuk ka lidhje me bukurinë që kërkon ta përfitosh përmes ndërhyrjeve estetike!

Jo, ka lidhje me aksidentet në punë e dëmet ardhur për shëndetin, patjetër edhe pamjen e vajzave e grave që punojne atje!

In short, don't take the "news" as you read it with the political purpose of the political factory of disinformation!

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