The last hours of negotiations for the President, the parties with different positions on the profile of the new name

The last hours of negotiations for the President, the parties with different

These are the last hours of negotiations between the political parties to reach a common name for the new President of the Republic. Just three days from the deadline for submitting the names proposed by the parties involved in the process of selecting the new President, the parliamentary groups share different views on the profile of the candidate who will be voted on May 16 in the first round of Parliament. for the highest post of the state.

Recent negotiations

The next day, in the early hours of the morning, a meeting between the representatives of the parliamentary groups is expected to take place. The leader of the socialist group, Taulant Balla will have special meetings first with the chairman of the Republicans, Fatmir Mediu, and then with Mesila Doda of PDIU, where the new president will be discussed. As for the Democrats, there is still no confirmed meeting with the head of the group Enkelejd Alibeaj, while the SP has stated that it will not discuss with the other party, the two selected by the Re-establishment Commission, Oerd Bylykbashi and Luciano Boci for the new President.

Recent views on the profile of the new President

The Socialist Party is open to a widely accepted figure, even from the opposition, and has ruled out coming from this political force. Taulant Balla: Our desire is to give Albania a president over the parties. The Socialist Party from day one was clear in a desire not to elect a SP President, but of all Albanians.

The Democratic Party has a single condition for the President to be an anti-communist figure. Enkelejd Alibeaj: "This country after 30 years of hypocrisy and oppression will first have to give a symbolic sign that a president has an anti-communist."

Republicans demand an MP agreed between the opposition parties. Fatmir Mediu: “The opposition should have a candidate. "This should be the first consensus that should be within the opposition: We as the opposition should have a common candidate."

PDIU representative Mesila Doda has the criterion of being a political president, preference, to be a woman: “The next president must be a political man. It could be a President coming from the opposition. It is the case that we can choose a lady. It's time for change. "

First round for the President:

The first round of voting for the election of the new President will take place on May 16 at 17:00. On May 15 at 16:00 is the deadline to submit official proposals of MPs. The Law Commission for the evaluation of candidacies will convene on May 16 at 10:00.

What the Constitution provides for the process

The constitution stipulates that there are five rounds for the election of the President. In the first three rounds a majority of 3/5, 84 votes is required, while in the other two, the fourth and fifth, the president can be elected by a simple majority, with 71 votes.

Rounds from each other must take place within 7 days, which means that the new President of the Republic maximally in June will be elected. Voting for each round takes place in secret and without debate.