From EU membership to Open Balkan. Important messages given by Merkel at the joint conference with Rama

From EU membership to Open Balkan. Important messages given by Merkel at the

Merkel in the joint conference with Prime Minister Rama stated that it is in the interest of Germany and the EU for Albania and the Balkan countries to be part of the EU and to achieve this the conditions set by the EU must be met, but added that initially, it agrees on regional integration between countries.

"I will continue bilateral talks with other countries in the region. We will meet again on October 8, in Slovenia. They were good, constructive conversations, I would like to thank you. I am convinced that from a geostrategic point of view, the EU and Germany have an interest in the membership of these countries in the EU, but of course the process of regional integration is something else. I express this expressly to work in this direction. My heart beats for this region even though I will not have the duty to come here as an official. I wish you well-being, jobs, peace, all of these to be preserved in your region and it is worth doing so. "

The German Chancellor added that Albania and Northern Macedonia should not worry about the veto imposed by Bulgaria as it was not something new for the European Union, adding that Albania has the support of all EU countries for the opening of negotiations.

"I certainly do not intend to play an active political role, but I will be a friend of the region, I will give advice. Experiences for the veto have been made several times, it is not only about the case of Albania and Northern Macedonia. I am hopeful. We did some work, we had some achievements. "Certainly Northern Macedonia and Albania have had the support of all EU countries to open negotiations, we are talking about the intergovernmental conference."

Merkel did not hesitate to criticize the EU, saying that once the set conditions were met, she should keep her word and not issue new conditions. The chancellor added that she understood the disappointment.

"In fact, the EU, a member state should state the criteria, conditions and conditions for membership. In the case of Albania, we have clearly stated what you need to change in the justice system, or other sectors

And once these conditions are met, the EU should keep its word and not issue new conditions, because for domestic policy reasons in certain countries this is not possible. This brings disappointment, and I understand the disappointment here, "said Merkel, while emphasizing that we must know how to trust each other.

Merkel foli edhe për ‘’Open Balkan” duke u shprehur se Procesi i Berlinit nuk mund të zëvendësohet nga nisma të reja që lindin dhe iniciohen me kalimin e kohës. Sipas saj Open Balkan nuk është një nismë që kërkon të konkurrojë Procesin e Berlinit, por është mjeti i rajonit për të fuqizuar procesin e Berlinit.

“Procesi i Berlinit është bërthama e gjithçkaje dhe në këtë kontekst nuk mund të zëvendësohet. Gjërat mund të përshpejtohen brenda këtij procesi. Nuk ka rëndësi se kush mund të kujdeset se ka shumë miq që mund të kujdesen. Çdo kancelar tjetër federal do jetë mik i këtij rajoni, ka shumë njerëz që punojnë dhe jetojnë atje dhe interesi për të punuar dhe bashkëpunuar me këtë rajon është i madh.’’