Voting takes place tomorrow, but no one in the Assembly has submitted any name for the new President

Voting takes place tomorrow, but no one in the Assembly has submitted any name

16:00 today was the deadline for submitting candidates for the new President of the Republic to the Assembly of Albania, but none of the political parties has any name for the post of head of state.

The deadline for the first round of voting of the new President of the Republic was extended several times to give time to negotiations between the parties to conclude on a common consensual name.

Consequently, the first round for the election of the President will be burned without any name.

Not only consensual candidates, but also special candidates have not been nominated by political parties which have had several weeks to make their proposals.

The majority has so far not proposed names despite the public speaking of certain figures, while the opposition seems to be more focused on the terms than the name.

Democrats disagree on participating in the process, where the Re-establishment has not yet become a party to these negotiations, while the leaders of the other two right-wing parliamentary groups, the PR and the PDIU, insist the process covers the entire opposition spectrum.

Neither the Socialists, who from the beginning of the process conducted the questionnaire within their parliamentary group and received the opinions of various bodies for this process, have not officially declared or deposited any name, although they have stated that they will not necessarily remain hostage. "Of the opposition for the consensual name, as in the fourth round they have the votes for the sole election of the president.

The Parliamentary Committee on Laws will meet on Monday morning at 09:00 to ascertain the absence of a candidacy and to draft the relevant report, which will be passed to the special plenary session. The Constitution makes it clear that "voting is considered conducted even when no candidate is nominated".

After this moment, the Conference of Presidents is obliged to convene to decide the date when the second round of voting for the election of the President of the Republic will take place.

The parties have the opportunity to vote for a consensual name until the 3rd round, otherwise the majority can choose it alone with 71 votes in the 4th and 5th round.