Merkel will face Justice in Germany

Merkel will face Justice in Germany

The Federal Court of Justice in Germany has ruled against former Chancellor Angela Merkel after the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) sued her for her comments in the 2020 regional elections.

The court said Merkel's remarks violated the AfD's right to fair political competition.

The incident dates back to early 2020 when, for the first time since the party was founded in 2013, a German state leader was elected due to votes from the AfD.

Following the election in the eastern state of Thuringia, the current left-wing Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow was seeking re-election by his fellow lawmakers. He failed to win a majority in the first round of voting, and in a major uproar - backed by AfD votes - Thomas Kemmerich of the neoliberal Free Democrats (FDP) was elected prime minister, despite his party winning only 5% of the vote.

All of Germany's main parties have long refused to work with the AfD over allegations that the party is xenophobic or overly extreme, even in Thuringia, where they came in second after the left.

Merkel, speaking to reporters on a trip to South Africa at the time, called Kemmerich's decision to accept the election "unforgivable" and that the result should be "returned". She also said it was a "bad day for democracy".

The AfD called it a direct attack and said it was unconstitutional for a chancellor to say such things about another party under the banner of an official state visit.

Kemmerich resigned three days later under tremendous pressure, although he headed an interim government for a short time until Ramelo was re-elected.