The majority demands the cooperation of the opposition on these issues

The majority demands the cooperation of the opposition on these issues

The chairman of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, has stated that the majority is ready to discuss many issues with the opposition, ranging from constitutional changes to territorial changes.

In a statement to the media Balla said: I believe that now not only us, who have been the main supporters of advancing the Justice Reform. I believe that even with yesterday's cases, during this year it will show that we have done well as Albania to take this step and I think that the DP will be convinced that the Justice Reform must go forward. The vote that the DP will give should stem from the need for a change of course, in relation to Justice Reform. It is clearly stated, our hand will be outstretched.

Let us sit down, today we agreed at the conference of mayors to continue working on some changes to the rules of procedure of the Assembly. My proposal is that 8 commissions are too little for the work done, I say move to 12 commissions. I have a more detailed proposal. I have also received the consent of the opposition, from this point of view I think that the Assembly has entered its normalcy and I want to tell the opposition that the way of developing the committees we will do in the future.

He further added: When we made the territorial reform I agreed on fewer municipalities in the Republic of Albania, the opposition demands more. These discussions take place at the table. If they want to have a negotiation team for all, or a team for each issue.

No issue is taboo to discuss, all seek to be discussed. These are issues that require a lot of time even after the agreement, because it takes time to write parliamentary procedures. From this point of view I think what we have said is that we have no condition, to sit at the table, unconditionally. When people lift the conditions, they sit down together for the principles and the goal will be what is what will be in the best interest of Albania.