Manastirliu-opposition: Call on citizens to be vaccinated because it is not a shame. Everyone wins!

Manastirliu-opposition: Call on citizens to be vaccinated because it is not a

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu has made a call from the rostrum of the opposition assembly, to become part of the efforts to encourage citizens to be vaccinated, thus protecting their health.

"In the fight for life, the only advantage we have today is the VACCINE. In the fight for life, every vaccine added today, curbs the spread of infection and endangers the lives of dozens of people tomorrow. We are talking about public health, and that is enough to give this cause a dimension that goes beyond the small benefits of rhetoric filled with baseless accusations. It would not be a shame, nor a concession, nor a loss, nor a surrender, nor a withdrawal, as if each of the 140 deputies in the hall, used at least once, the space in the media, in their social networks, to become a sincere call to the citizens: VACCINATE! ”, called Manastirliu.

In her speech on the fight for life, Manastirliu harms the barren statements and debates at a time when citizens should be called to be vaccinated.

The fight for life is harmed by the statements made without hesitation, both from the windows of social networks, and sometimes even from the statements of the irresponsible in this room, for "unsafe vaccines". Calls to blacken and distort the reality of hospitals also hurt the fight for the lives of citizens, making people hesitant and holding their breath in the hospital when it may be too late. "Even the barren debates that leave nothing unused for the politics of the day, or the synchrony of the evening, do not serve the fight for life, which our staffs have been developing for almost two years", said Manastirliu.