The Prime Minister clashes with Top Channel again

The Prime Minister clashes with Top Channel again

Top Channel's reports regarding the malfunction of the TIMS system in Rinas have brought the reaction of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who wrote on Twitter that 'these screens and portals do not want the public to know about it'.

"This is not a "Party for criminals" but a party of rascals for screens and portals that do not want to know about the public who sees and reads them, that for more, for example for national dignity, it is also a sin to ask them "Not that the government is not lying, but only that the government is not lying in this parliament," writes the prime minister.

According to Top Channel reports, the TIMS system at the Rinas airport is not functional, as the government has stated, but the police are still photographing passports.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Rama announced through a statement that the system is functional at all border points.

"The systems of the border points have been working since this morning. Beyond the heavy feeling created by the penetration into these systems, just like when they break into a house and steal, the fact is that the aggression has not achieved any of its goals, no disappearance or serious data leak!

And beyond the cynicism and sneers typical of the big digital gossip club, fed by professional howlers and kin international relations strategists, technically Albania has resisted the best, while politically it has made a very useful investment!" wrote the Prime Minister.