Recent conflicts with Serbia / Rama in joint conference with Kurti: Right here is with Kosovo

Recent conflicts with Serbia / Rama in joint conference with Kurti: Right here

Edi Rama during the joint conference with Kurti said that Albania supports Kosovo for conflicts in the north of the country and that Serbia has no right to return license plates in conflict as the application of license plate reciprocity is an elementary norm of Kosovo. Among other things, the Prime Minister said: " Hello everyone, Mr. Prime Minister Albin, I am very pleased to visit Pristina immediately after the end of the 76th session of the UN Assembly. The issue of final recognition of Kosovo was and remains a priority of the visit to New York.

Also, one of the priorities of Albania as a member of the UN Security Council will be to promote the recognition of the irreversible reality of Kosovo by all. There is no question that in the first place and above all it is Serbia that should recognize Kosovo, it is unfortunate that instead of the concrete progress of the dialogue towards mutual recognition, today we are witnessing the theatrical maneuvers of Serbia.

Those maneuvers do not protect Serb citizens in northern Kosovo, as claimed by the Belgrade leadership and some ghosts of the defeated army 20 years ago, as if they came out of the grave claiming that the integrity and security of Serb citizens in Kosovo is being protected.

Serb citizens in Kosovo live intimidated, and even electricity bills are paid by the government here like no one anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, these maneuvers bring to the fore the shadow of the past, promote the vandal nationalism of public institutions. Serb citizens are not victims of repression, but are hostages of stagnation in dialogue.

The application of reciprocity of license plates is an elementary norm, but also an agreement reached in time between the two respective governments. I want to say here today, the position of Albania, which I consider clear and fair, from the first moment it appeared, the right here is with Kosovo and the point. '