Jozefina Topalli: Basha's departure will happen very soon

Jozefina Topalli: Basha's departure will happen very soon

Jozefina Topalli does not say that the war started by Sali Berisha against Basha will bring a reconstruction of the right, but emphasizes that the debates that have arisen within the DP bring the need to restore values, but with whom in charge? In an interview with A2CNN, the former number two of the PD says that the Democratic Party has turned into a political force where neither debate nor votes are allowed. She is convinced that Basha will soon leave the leadership of the Democratic Party.

'What bore the name of PD, had nothing democratic inside, in a political force where voting is not allowed, debate is not allowed, there is a stifling spirit and no forum is considered and where membership is insulted there is nothing democratic. And somehow it turns into a swamp. Opening a debate on the need for a reconstruction of the right and the return of PD values ??is the most beautiful thing that the Albanian political spectrum would urgently need. I am convinced that if this goes in the right direction, it will have an impact on Albanian politics as well '.

What would be the right direction in your opinion? You are deserving and hopeful for the future of PD. But many have seen Berisha's reactivation as a hope to remove Basha from the DP leadership chair. Is this all and is it the right way-Berisha?

"First you can not start a process by having a man who holds the seal of the PD, who continues to keep the seal after 5 losses, failures one after the other, after he has betrayed every cause and after the whole cause has risen against him by left isolated in the marble building that does not even dare to go out on the stairs.When he does not dare to take a question, go out to the studio, even though all the studios invite him in. So the departure I believe will happen very soon. "Very soon he will leave."

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