I resigned a year ago, but I haven't given up. Lulzim Basha is looking for a chance again

I resigned a year ago, but I haven't given up. Lulzim Basha is looking for

Today, Lulzim Basha has returned to the active political life of the Democratic Party. It seems that he has chosen the right moment to return to meetings with the membership, at a time when the commanding leader of the Party since his resignation a year ago, with the declaration of Berisha non-grata, Enkelejd Alibeaj, also resigned .

It seems that Basha is trying to give an answer to the questions of who will succeed Alibeaj, will there be a new race for president and will the PD factions unite, with his return, where he first held a meeting with a group of young people of FRPD.

"My withdrawal a year ago was done for a great interest, not to feed the divisiveness of the Democrats and to give a chance to the unification of the Democrats, but unfortunately this did not happen. I have never given up what I feel is a responsibility to not leave people in the middle of the road. Although for the sake of the decision I have made, in order not to influence the course of events, I have preferred to stay out of the public eye, this does not mean that I have ceased to be politically interested and interested in everything that has to do with this country, democracy , DP and the future," said Basha.

Youth boycott

He said that in the last local elections, young people abandoned politics, which recycles the old.

"Only 13% of first-time voters participated in the elections. Youth is always active, but politics calls them only for their problems. Non-participation, boycott is a message for politics. There was no bid in this election. Aggressive language, attacks, bragging but no offer. Politics has become our Big Brother. Politics recycles the old. How will spaces for young people be created if the old is recycled? May 14, the date of the scandal of the political system in Albania".

Basha had 3 proposals:

1. Open lists

"The first proposal to create space for youth is open lists across the country. It is up to you to decide who will go to parliament, not the party leaders. Let's start a journey together with this proposal!"

2. Political vetting

"The second proposal, the vetting of politicians. Lots of insults and accusations from morning to dinner. Thorough investigation of personal assets and inappropriate contacts. Vetting in politics, national emergency."

3. Limitation of mandates

"No prime minister who fails to achieve his objectives for two terms, can do it in a third term".