Grida Duma spoke to him about Skanderbeg's horse, Spiropali replied with lightning

Grida Duma spoke to him about Skanderbeg's horse, Spiropali replied with

Clash and reply between Deputy Grida Duma and Minister of State Elisa Spiropali in the plenary session.

Grida Duma has ironized Minister Elisa Spiropali with the fable of Skënderbeu, (in the 2017 elections this is how she compared the president Edi Rama, Spiropali in the campaign) wanting to say a message about coherence.

Spiropali responded quickly, reminding him of the inconsistency, Basha good, Basha bad, Berisha bad, Berisha good, but he also called her delusional that even make-up does not cover her shortcomings.

Duma: If you thought you were going to keep your voice down because you weren't giving me the word, you made it news that you didn't give me the word. What treatment everyone needed. Mrs. Felaj, I pressed the button and then you read my name and then I removed the button. But the sign is for everyone, that you don't have to be very educated in this country. You addressed us; Ladies from this side for incoherence, sometimes good, sometimes bad. We are a big incoherence Madam Minister, we have the history and the good and the bad that we believe about Albania. I am not sorry at all to say that we try to be in that modesty of ours, coherent with the historical spirit of Kastriot Skenderbeu. But your coherence with Skanderbeg's horse is actually epic. For coherence, we are with history, you continue with the party.

Spiropali: Arrogant, rude, delirious is the absolute triumph of form over content, found the opportunity to throw a goat from the clay that it spreads so naturally on me. I don't hold a grudge because her political pendulum speaks louder than any other. Good flower Bad flower. Berisha good, bad. I only responded to this incoherence. There is no make up that covers these shortcomings, no colors that paint these great truths. Hello lady, God be with you, but you are not with him.