Russian financing of DP, Veliaj: Luli's problems with the Russians, Saliu's problems with non-women and Meta's problems with insurance are their problems, not the Albanians'

Russian financing of DP, Veliaj: Luli's problems with the Russians,

Mayor Erion Veliaj has also commented on the issue of Russian funding in the Democratic Party. Speaking to Report TV, Veliaj said that the opposition is already in its most difficult days, but the citizens do not want to hear about the Russian funding of Luli, nor about Berisha's non grata, nor about Meta's past as an associate of the former -insurance.

"The opposition is already in its most difficult days. But I want the people who see us to listen to the mayor who talks more about their problems, than about the problems of Luli or Saliu, who is non grata, or Ilir Meta who is a spy. These have serious problems, be it Luli with Russian financing, be it Berisha with his wife, be it Ilir Meta with his past. Yes, these are not the problems of Albanians, these are the problems of three people. Luli's troubles with the Russians, Saliu's with the Americans as non grata, and Ilir Meta's with the former insurance, are the problems of three people who try to put them on society, as if they are society's problems. These are their personal troubles. Therefore, everyone must solve their own problems, with justice or with the states where they have these problems", said Veliaj.

The Mayor underlined that his mission and focus is to deal with solving the concrete problems of the citizens.

"Our mission is to work on concrete problems. That's why I focused on schools this beginning of the year. When we focus on concrete problems, the country moves forward. When we try to add to our problems, the problems of Luli, Saliu, and Ilir Meta, we are practically burdening ourselves with their personal problems, but not with the problems of ordinary people", underlined Veliaj.