What happens after the decree of the Rama 3 government? The deadline that the Assembly has until the swearing in of the 'dismissed' president

What happens after the decree of the Rama 3 government? The deadline that the
Photo taken on June 9, 2020. President Ilir Meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama met before the start of the meeting of the National Integration Council at the Palace of Congresses.

President Ilir Meta has decreed the Rama 3 government. For every minister appointed, including the Prime Minister himself and the Deputy Prime Minister, Meta has submitted the decrees to the Albanian Parliament. Ili Meta's decision was delayed, just one day after he asked the SPAK to conduct verifications and after the General Prosecutor's Office responded to the president by confirming that none of the names of the appointed ministers resulted in problems with justice.

But what happens now?

With the decree of the new government by President Ilir Meta, Prime Minister Rama presents within 10 days to the Assembly the governing program as well as the official appointments of the Ministers of the Parliament. All decrees by the President are passed again by the Assembly within 10 days.

Prior to the official inauguration, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers will be sworn in before the President.

But the Majority itself in a fierce political struggle with the president, demanded his removal from office. A Commission of Inquiry was also set up to investigate, according to the Socialists, the president's violations during and after the April 25 election campaign. An opinion was also sought from 'Venice' which was read by the parties according to their interest.

The decision now belongs to the Constitutional Court, which is still not saying the last word. Will it be delayed until Ilir Meta's term as president ends, on July 22, 2022? This remains to be seen, Meta himself has said that he will be in office until the last day. Until one of the two possibilities occurs, the government will have to swear, but also cooperate with the 'caused' president.

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