Cyber ​​attacks/ NATO official: We are located in Tirana to help Albania

Cyber ??attacks/ NATO official: We are located in Tirana to help Albania

The Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO, James Appathura, in a joint conference with the Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, in Tirana has declared that Albania is not alone in the face of cyber attacks.

Appathura added that he is in Tirana together with the NATO team to help Albania in the cyber war.

"We recognized that Albania is suffering serious cyber attacks and we want to tell you that you are not alone and we will support you, all NATIO countries know and watch Albania's attack and this is the message that the Secretary General gave to the Prime Minister Edi Rama. I want to emphasize the efforts of the Albanian state to face these attacks, we have supported them. My team and I are here to see what we can do, the main reason for doing a coordination of NATO allies and technical offices. To see the long-term needs of Albania to build a defense network and Albania is making strides in this work. For attacks on a large scale and long that have been made. I assure the minister of the practical protection that NATO will provide to Albania", said Appathurai.

While Minister Peleshi said: Proof of the solidarity and support, the immediate reaction of NATO. We need attention, vigilance from everyone, we want our part supported by our allies, to increase capacities, to be protected, we emphasize that we are happy to be part of NATO.