"He will leave when his candle goes out", Bledi Çuçi explains the statement for Ardi Veliu

"He will leave when his candle goes out", Bledi Çuçi

During a statement to the media after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi explained yesterday's statement to former police director Ardi Veliu that he would leave after the candle was extinguished, saying that it was misunderstood because it was rhetoric. used for the Opposition in the Security Committee.

Çuçi emphasized that Veliu has completed the task with high results and the indicators of the Police sector show these best.

"Mr. Veliu leaves this task with very high results, bringing to levels like never before in these 30 years the performance of the state police and this thanks to the maximum dedication, professionalism that Mr. Veliu has demonstrated in these 4 years in the leadership of the Police and I believe that all indicators of the police sector speak of an increase and a standard to maximum levels. " , said Bledi Çuçi.