Harsh tone debate between Alibeaj and Majko in Parliament

Harsh tone debate between Alibeaj and Majko in Parliament

The news that Russia financed the election campaign of the DP in 2017 has caused a debate between the MP of the SP and the chairman of the parliamentary group of the DP

Majko: The subject we are discussing is very sensitive, it is about EU funds. Today, within 24 hours, DP leaders, both those with offices and those without offices, confirmed the news that DP received 500,000 dollars from Russia. When we talk about European funds, let's also talk about anti-European ones. Before you hold our Beqja accountable, hold your Beqja accountable. Get out here and be accountable, this is just the beginning.

Alibeaj: Pandit's mouth was finally healed. The only one who shouldn't have been talking should have been you. I know one thing, which is untrue, it is a fabrication made by the one who is missing today, the famous "Mother Jones". Wait a few hours and you will be denied, and when you are denied, it is better to go to the dentist.

Majko: I really respect these guys who have white beards and black hair. I want it to be so, that half a million dollars were not received by DP. What you have discussed among the people is an accusation which was repeated yesterday. I wish that Mr. Basha will go to the USA normally.